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October 19, 2009

What is that, I hear you ask… Well it’s a mix of quirky and whimsical, and it’s the name of Boaz’s new line… starting with this adoreable witch outfit, it comes with 5 different shirt options, shoes and hat, and it’s the missing outfit from your halloween collection!


Available at Simply Fae main shop.


Muse and October group gift

October 8, 2009

And as the leaves fall, covering the ground with their deep rich orange color, a light sound is heard between the trees. The Muse, the Autumn Muse has arrived.
MuseBoaz latest creation is a wonderful gown, with earth tone colors and lovely beads both on the chest and the skirt. Available in 5 different colors: Earth Muse (green), Golden Muse (gold), Autumn Muse (shown in the picture above), Winter Muse (lavendar/iced blue) and Passion Muse (red).
Come now at Simply Fae to get your copy. And as you visit the store, don’t forget to pick up the October gift.
A somptuous edition of the Polaris gown, in green and satin. Beautiful textures and an elegant corset tied around your waist, for sure you will enjoy wearing this dress as much as i did.