The faun and the fae…


First came the fae. She was kind, funny and giggled all the time (and had a lovely posh accent). Her name was Tavia. She may be long gone (went back to RL for good), she won’t be forgotten, proof is Boaz’s latest design, an adorable fae outfit (yes, it fits Avilion dress code, in case you were wondering). It comes in 3 different colors and 2 skirt options for each, and it is called Tavia… (wings not included, but can be found for free at Fancy Fairy




Then came the faun. Kinky, shy at times and obsessed with fields of flowers, she was looking for an outfit that would suit her true nature while respecting the dress code of the place where she lives. She went to see Boaz (her fairy godmother) who whisked her the perfect outfit… Yael is very similar to Tavia, the main difference being the bottom that comes in pants layer, allowing faun avis to wear them with their furry legs.


I don’t know about you, but I am head over hooves with the lovely nature colors below…


Available now at Simply Fae mainstore.


One Response to “The faun and the fae…”

  1. Anna ( Tavia) Says:

    I love it!! thanks so much Boaz.. it really made my day when you showed me this outfit. Such an honour to have one named after me! Its nice to know im never forgotten.. I miss Avilion and the sisters I once had there. Hugs to you all! xxx

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