Fantasy Faire

April 1, 2012 by

   I know, it's been a long time since you have seen updates here but Boaz is just fabulous and Fantasy Faire is too !

So what happens when two fabulous things meet ?

This !


Spring Maiden is romantic and delicate, and the prim work is just adorable with the flower sewed to the dress and the flower wreath.

But there is more…

There is..


… Dart Frog Fairy is a cute little dress for the mischievious minds in the forest !

So do something good .. twice ! Buy great outfits for you, participate in a great charity event !

Visit Fantasy Faire !


Panda Hunt and Fantaisy Faire

April 13, 2010 by

Have you visited Simply Fae lately ? No ?!? Then maybe you should ! For Boaz is taking part in the Panda Hunt and when the panda meets the fae … the result is simply gorgeous !
A special edition of the Daphne gown ! So look out for the Panda !

And stay tuned as we are only a few days away from Fantaisy Faire ! And as per usual it will be stunning !
Not convinced yet? …
Really ?
Maybe you need a little teaser then.. something like…
The RFL item Boaz will set up for sale ?
The Elise gown is not only gorgeous, well-designed, feminine and sensual… but it’s also a way to take part in RFL.
See you soon !

PS: The Daphne gown in Sage and Amethyst is now available for free at Simply Fae mainstore. So visit us and enjoy this thank you gift !

Buttons and Bows

March 1, 2010 by

There’s newness at Simply Fae! Buttons and bows combines a fae like and a gypsy look. It’s perfect for roleplayers, and for all the girls who like to wear flowers in their hair… for all the girls in general! It comes with 2 different top options and 2 different skirts.

Indigo eyes from Rosie’s Thingies (dollarbie in store, the shop is right next to Simply Fae)


Boudica part II

February 2, 2010 by

As promised a few days ago, here is the last of the 3 different versions of Boudica, Simply Fae’s latest design: Lady Boudica. You know how lady Boaz likes to provide options, well Lady Boudica makes no exception and with getting this gown ou will be provided with 2 different skirts. 4 colors available in store, 350l$ each.

Click to enlarge

Boudica part one

February 1, 2010 by

Here it is, at last, Boaz’s latest design, or at least part of it, because the talented lady has crafted not one, but plenty different dresses in one creation: Boudica. Here are the first 2 sets available, the Boudica Fae 1 and 2. I am only showing some of the options, so you see you can happily mix and match. (Wings not included) Soon to come, lady Boudica, already in store. Each set is sold 350l$ and one can get a single color fatpack for 700l$…


January 13, 2010 by

I know, I’m late… first I wish you all a happy new year… Then I’d like to show you the latest designs by Boaz, the Poinsettia dresses. I am always amazed at how prettier and prettier her creations look, and I was not disappointed when I opened the boxes. The gowns come in 2 different versions, one with a ballgown skirt and the other with a simpler skirt, each sold for 200l$ only. Hurry though, these were seasonal designs and will disappear by the 18th of January. (click to enlarge pics)




Chrismas newness…

December 21, 2009 by

Let’s start with a gift, because hey, it’s Christmas after all (well, soon). Boaz spoils us once more with this month’s group gift, an exclusive tint of her Whim dress, that all her group members can get for free in her main shop.

And here’s a preview of Boaz’s next release, Poinsettia. The gown version isn’t even ready yet, but I couldn’t wait to show you the cute design of this new fae dress. I love the hair adornment, it looks so pretty…


October 19, 2009 by

What is that, I hear you ask… Well it’s a mix of quirky and whimsical, and it’s the name of Boaz’s new line… starting with this adoreable witch outfit, it comes with 5 different shirt options, shoes and hat, and it’s the missing outfit from your halloween collection!


Available at Simply Fae main shop.

Muse and October group gift

October 8, 2009 by

And as the leaves fall, covering the ground with their deep rich orange color, a light sound is heard between the trees. The Muse, the Autumn Muse has arrived.
MuseBoaz latest creation is a wonderful gown, with earth tone colors and lovely beads both on the chest and the skirt. Available in 5 different colors: Earth Muse (green), Golden Muse (gold), Autumn Muse (shown in the picture above), Winter Muse (lavendar/iced blue) and Passion Muse (red).
Come now at Simply Fae to get your copy. And as you visit the store, don’t forget to pick up the October gift.
A somptuous edition of the Polaris gown, in green and satin. Beautiful textures and an elegant corset tied around your waist, for sure you will enjoy wearing this dress as much as i did.

The faun and the fae…

September 10, 2009 by

First came the fae. She was kind, funny and giggled all the time (and had a lovely posh accent). Her name was Tavia. She may be long gone (went back to RL for good), she won’t be forgotten, proof is Boaz’s latest design, an adorable fae outfit (yes, it fits Avilion dress code, in case you were wondering). It comes in 3 different colors and 2 skirt options for each, and it is called Tavia… (wings not included, but can be found for free at Fancy Fairy




Then came the faun. Kinky, shy at times and obsessed with fields of flowers, she was looking for an outfit that would suit her true nature while respecting the dress code of the place where she lives. She went to see Boaz (her fairy godmother) who whisked her the perfect outfit… Yael is very similar to Tavia, the main difference being the bottom that comes in pants layer, allowing faun avis to wear them with their furry legs.


I don’t know about you, but I am head over hooves with the lovely nature colors below…


Available now at Simply Fae mainstore.